Hellos and Goodbyes

Have you made any additions to your Wheatland family since the 2023 festival?

For “Hellos,” please tell us their name, when he or she was born (and/or when he or she joined the family), and his or her parents’/ guardians’ names.

If you have had to say goodbye to a special Wheatie since the last festival, consider letting the many people who read the festival program book every year know of their passing.

For “Goodbyes,” we would like to know the person’s name, when he or she passed away, how many festivals he or she attended, and what the person liked best about Wheatland.

If you have a photo of your loved one to share (black and white or high contrast color), we may be able to include it in the program book and on the website.

Send info for “Hellos and Goodbyes” to
WMO, PO Box 22, Remus, MI 49340
or email us at [email protected]

Deadline for entries: July 15, 2024



Hello - Michael Thomas Anthony Swartz (2021-06-27)

Mom Ashley VanderLende and dad Michael Swartz welcome son Michael Thomas Anthony Swartz, born on June 27, 2021. Ashley wrote, “We are so excited to introduce him to this amazing festival.”

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